About Us

Step into the world of Anton Clothing, where every thread we weave tells a story of innovation and sustainability. At Anton, we don't just create garments; we curate a movement towards a greener future. Our specialty lies in crafting versatile athleisure clothing for both men and women, seamlessly blending fashion with functionality.

As a brand committed to environmental consciousness, we take recycling to new heights. We prioritize recycling from pet bottles and also to left over fabric discarded by big brands. Our Designs gives new life to these discarded fabric - a new purpose, and our commitment to the environment ensures that our processes do not contribute to pollution also and giving fashion a purpose.


Our fabric is the embodiment of responsible innovation. Crafted from recycled PET bottles, and knit wear our textiles redefine eco-friendly fashion while maintaining uncompromising quality. Each piece of fabric carries a story of environmental consciousness and contributes to a cleaner planet, aligning with the ideals upheld by brands like Recover Brands. We embrace materials that echo our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that every thread we use reflects our eco-conscious values


At Anton, our knit wear collection reflects our dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Each piece is thoughtfully manufactured, emphasizing the importance of durable and comfortable knitwear that stands the test of time. Our Knitwear goes beyond mere clothing; it encapsulates the art of textile creation, embodying principles that resonate with renowned brands in the industry. We understand that knitwear represents more than a fashion choice; it's an investment in lasting style and comfort.


Our sports apparel at Anton represents the intersection of performance and fashion. We offer sports attire that goes beyond aesthetics, prioritizing functionality and comfort. Our sports apparel is designed to enhance performance and support an active lifestyle, resonating with the approach of brands that blend style and functionality seamlessly. We recognize the significance of activewear that empowers individuals to push their limits and achieve their goals.


Eco-friendly athleisure wear is our forte at Anton. We specialize in crafting garments that merge fashion-forward designs with sustainability, just like the ethos of Recover Brands. Our athleisure wear not only makes a fashion statement but also contributes to a cleaner environment. By choosing Anton, you're not just embracing a trendy look; you're making a conscious choice for eco-friendly fashion that embodies style, comfort, and responsibility.